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Handling Minor & Major projects 

  • Drains
  • Leaking & others
  • Faucets, Toilet, Shower(Fixture)
  • Water Heater
  • Re-Piping
  • Sewer lines
  • Gas Lines
  • House Painting Services(Interior/Exterior)

- Why painting here? : Not only drywall repair tasks, but also for entire house painting services(interior/exterior) as a starting point of PlumbPlus business.

- Plus(+) tasks will be expanded to SmartHome service one by one.

Major Projects

- Energy saving upgrades
- Remodeling

* Express/off-hour service 24/7

Plumbplus Qualified

Over 100+ Qualified-Plumbers are on standby to fix your plumbing issues immediately!

Through the geo-location base plumber assignment technology, professional plumbers will arrive at your location immediately to conserve costs for both of you and our plumber.

Customers can also receive the assigned plumber's profile immediately upon confirming the initial cost estimation.

No more wondering who your plumber is!

MOBILE App based SVC!
You don't need to
make a phone call

This simple app makes requesting plumbing services easier and faster than ever!

After selecting the plumbing issue on the menu screen, you decide when to fix it.

The initial cost estimation will then be sent to your mobile device and a PlumbPlus-Qualified Plumber will be there to solve those problems.

Take a look into simple tutorial at PlumbPlus 101


Focusing on the customer's satisfaction -- Always!

  1. You can get initial cost estimation through the mobile app immediately
    No hidden cost
  2. Flexible times with the visiting Plumbing technitian
    No restrictions on scheduling at your convenience
  3. PlumbPlus is the only company that ensures satisfaction
    No more time spent on trying to find trustworthy plumbing companies.
    A network of 100+ PlumbPlus-Qualified technicians, at your service  
  4. Guaranteed Minor/Major service Project Completion
    Insured and qualified plumbing technicians will complete the project.
    Upon completion, the PlumbPlus Defcon team will handle any post-project needs. 

Free mobile apps for apple & android

Free Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

For Customers; 

Click here or search PlumbPlus ;


For Pro-Plumbers;

You can install Partner app here or search PlumbPlus Partners.

Note that the partner app will be activated for qualified plumbers only. Please contact PlumbPlus via "Partner Inquiry" as below.