If you’re a Pro-Plumber who wants to become a PlumbPlus Partner, install app & register today!


Step 1. Where I can find Plumber apps?

Start it from your mobile phone.

Find “Plumbplus partners” at Appstore for Apple device / Playstore for Android device, Orange colored PlumbPlus icon is for Pro-Plumbers.

(blue colored icon is for customer)


Step 2. Proceed Registration process right after installation process

  • Select “Singin” button on the top-right corner of your first screen
  • Select “Registration”
  • + & take your photo
  • Write down your E-mail address and push “ID check” button
  • Write down password
  • And fill out the form. Remember your Password for one-time sign-in
  • Submit your request by selecting “Register” button


Step 3 : PlumbPlus HQ will verify your profile and co-signing on partnership agreement (within 1 week)


Step 4 : You will have message from PlumbPlus via mobile app. Then go for “sign-in” for lifetime log in.

Now, You’re ready to go. Also you don’t have to do login again


Project Opportunities

All of our partners will have same project opportunities.

PlumbPlus HQ server will measure customer-plumber location, project menu, schedule availability based on data base.

And send project details to PlumbPlus partners at same time.

If one of partner who wants to take given project, select confirmation button.

As soon as one of PlumbPlus partner took the project, it will be disappeared from the rest of partners’ mobile app.


FYI, Requested / Accepted menus

Requested is suggested project from PlumbPlus

Accepted project is the list of accepted project by yourself.


While you’re using our app.

You don’t have to worry about learning our app. Simply follow message alerts.

Once you accept project,

  1. select “depart to customer site” button right before your depart.
  2. Take photo at before/after project
  3. Get customer sign when project has been completed
  4. Confirm customer’s payment. Then you’re free to leave project site

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via helps@plumbplus.net or T.1-408-352.5190