The solution to a more convenient customer-plumber connection in the Bay area

We’re taking full responsibility in customer projects, from cost estimation to payment and after-service care.

We will take the step in standardizing service cost structures and implement an immediate service scheduling for both customers and plumbers.


Pricing : You’re probably skeptical about expensive pricing, extensive fees or hidden costs whenever you need plumbing services, we all are!

Our goal is to create an innovative way to reduce service cost, but also protect pro-plumbers as well.

The process of hiring plumber should be simple, but the reality is, it’s far from it. Mainly due to the complicated transaction structures of the Plumbing industry.

PlumbPlus will fix that complication and give benefits to both our Customers and Plumbers directly without involving 3rd party marketers.

30+ years experienced Master Plumber will analyze your project request through uploaded photos and provide the competitive cost estimation.

That cost estimation will be sent to your mobile device less than 5minutes!

Once we have enough project cases, our AI system will generate the cost estimation immediately.


That’s the why your participation is truly valuable


Scheduling : Do you schedule your appoinments based on when is most convenient for your plumber?  That’s not right!

Service scheduling should be convenient for the customer. Always!

The 100+ member of PlumbPlus’s DefCon team and our qualified partner plumbers can make that your reality.

As soon as you confirm our cost estimation, our system will measure the distance to your location and the level of skill required for your requested project. Then we’ll send the assigned pro-plumber’s profile to your mobile app. This profile will include plumber’s Name, Photo, and Contact information.


Now you don’t have to worry about pricing, scheduling and who’s visiting anymore!


Quality of Project : We understand that some of you may not be aware of who’s the best in terms of cost & performance in the plumbing industry for bay area.

Google search offers thousands of lists, but we never know until they arrive. Don’t waste your time for surfing the web anymore

Well known companies are spending money on advertisement, but you know that it’s your money you’re paying and there’s nothing ensuring the quality of their task skills.

Our DefCon team and PlumbPlus-qualified partner plumbers are fully trained and experienced members.

If you’re not satisfied with your service, PlumbPlus will provide after-service care without additional cost.

You don’t have to hesitate contacting PlumbPlus! Install the app on your mobile device and send us your plumbing problem today!

Make your life easier, PlumbPlus will help you!

Mobile App based service

As soon as installed PlumbPlus mobile app on your mobile devices, over 100+ plumbers are on your hands.

     Step 1. Select menu for svc request
     Step 2. Select time/place
     Step 3. Get our initial cost  estimation
     Step 4. Get assigned plumber profile
     Step 5. Visit plumber on schedule
     Step 6. Project details are recorded
     find PlumbPlus at
     Google Playstore for Android mobile devices
     Apple Appstore for Apple mobile devices

Service Menus Minor Projects

No more curiosity on getting cost estimation and assigned Plumbers
Flexible & Convenient scheduling

– Drains
– Leaking & Others
– Faucets(Fixture), Toilet
– Water heater
– Re-piping
– Sewer lines
– Gas Lines
-Painting service

Service Menus Major Projects

Energy saving remodeling
Leading edge tech solution for whole house

– Project cost estimation upon request

MObile base service flow


Simple is the best!

No more complicated phone calls for explaining circunstances and asking cost estimations anymore.
Simply following mobile menus step by step, then you will have a great plumbing technician in a minute.


Free Mobile Apps for iOS & Android

For Customers;

Click here or search PlumbPlus ;


For Pro-Plumbers;

You can install Partner app here or search PlumbPlus Partners.

**Note that the partner app will be activated for qualified plumbers only. Please contact PlumbPlus via “Partner Inquiry” as below.