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1.Mobile App Installation, No phone calls or No complicated browsing on the Web.

  • Search PlumbPlus at Playstore/Appstore
  • Install app on your mobiile device

2. Registration before sign in Mobile App

  • Only one time registration process is required
  • Then put email ID and PW for sign in process
  • Registered new customers will have $50 discount benefits on first project  (~July 31st 2018)

3. One time Sign in for lasting access and history management

  • If you forgot password, will send temporary P/W to your email account

4. Choose the menu and take the photo of the point of problem and simple descriptions.  We understand that you're not an expert!

  • "+" leads you to take a photo or select images from your photo album
  • You can add upto 3 photo images
  • Full length of description
  • Select your desired schedule and submit your request

5. Get competitive cost estimation

  • Less than a minute, you will get a cost estimation from our master plaumber
  • When you accept it by selecting "Confirm" button, assigned pro-plumber profile will be sent to your mobile
  • If you're not responding via selecting confirm button for over 30minutes, system will remove requested project.

6. Assigned Plumber

  • PlumbPlus Qualified Plumber will be assigned and plumber's profile will be sent to your mobile immediately
  • Our system assigns right plumbers based on multiple database (customer location, selected menu skills, cost, schedule and more)
  • After plumber assignment notification, if you need to change confirmed project schedule, please contact us via

7. Visiting Plumber

  • Plumber will send notification upon his departure in advance
  • You will have notification with plumber's geographic location

8. Re-Quotation

  • Since our plumber confirmed project with initial cost estimation, project needs be completed at same price.
  • Just in case, when extra tasks are required, Re-quotation can be executed upon plumber-customer-HQ's agreement.
  • New project request  by customer is recommended rather than taking re-quotation process

9. In-Process

  • Plumber will send photos to you via app "before and after"

10. Payment

  • Customer's  credit card payment is recommended
  • You can save your credit card information for next project as well

11. Plumber satisfaction

  • We'd like to encourage you to submit plumber service satisfaction as scoring points 1~5 and your comments, if any
  • Your comments will help organizing powerful plumber networks in Bay area

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or chatting window on