PlumbPlus selected flo device for water leakage monitoring service as an authorized dealer of flo technologies.



1.   What is the water monitoring service? 

2.   Who will take care of system alerts?

3.   PlumbPlus membership

4.   If you want to install flo system

5.   Other information


1.   What is the water monitoring service? 

While you’re on a vacation what if water leakage started at your bathroom?

Do you have any experience in getting over charged water bill before?  Water Leakage at underground, gardener crashed sprinkler head and left it for long time and defective toilet caused endless water flow and so on…

Other than over charged water bills, you may concern about equity damages caused by water leakages from hidden areas.

We do have answer for those cases

Among number of water leakage sensors, PlumbPlus selected the best product called flo and agreed on business partnership with PlumbPlus service system.

From now on, you can be free from those threatening points.

Flo device and monitoring system measures your water using behavior 24/7 and will give an alert to your mobile device whenever unusual water flow happens.




2.   Who will take care of system alerts?

On top of flo system monitoring system, PlumbPlus also monitoring same alert system with problem analysis.

In this case, PlumbPlus will give an advice to customer for status check or inspection via PlumbPlus plumber service application.

Customer can simply add request for inspection via PlumbPlus application where you can select desired schedule and plumber profiles

PlumbPlus/flo subscriber can enjoy specialized member price for inspection and repairing services

PlumbPlus video clip

  1. Flo system sends alerts to customer’s mobile apps
  2. Customer can check water healthy check at any time
  3. If system alert reported but not sure where the problem caused,
  4. Bring up PlumbPlus app, and request for inspection
  5. PlumbPlus will dispatch pro-plumber for taking care of the rest of process




3.   PlumbPlus membership

In general, PlumbPlus app is free and no extra membership for general uses.

PlumbPlus membership applies on flo installed customers only.

  1. 24/7 water monitoring service
  2. 1year free installation warranty service on top of flo’s 1year product warranty program
  3. Special discount for subscriber site visits on inspection and analysis
  4. Special discount on upcoming plumbing projects for subscribers
  5. $10/Month subscription fee will be applied




4.   If you want to install flo system

You can purchase product from flo’s direct sales site(  or contact PlumbPlus.

Flo device can be installed by qualified plumber only. Also requires electrician and IT expert who can connect both electricity and wifi system. As PlumbPlus is an authorized dealer of flo technologies, we will take care of A to Z services in efficient way.

Also will help you to connect flo device to your mobile and to have PlumbPlus service system smoothly.

Now you can be free from plumbing issues.




5.   Other information

Flo technologies :

Device purchasing : www.meetflo.comor contact PlumbPlus via

Installation :  or

PlumbPlus Mobile menu :

Water leakage  – others

Customer Care :